Hii! We are MAKALO SWIMWEAR and we have a mission; And it is to create pieces that you are going to fall in love with. Designs and silhouettes that fit your body by shaping it in the best way to make you look and feel how sexy and beautiful you are. We are a Costa Rican brand, a lovely paradise in Central America, with two magical coasts surrounded by lush jungle, and golden beaches with fabulous sunsets.

Our inspiration 
Inspired by the authentic beauty of all of us women and the beauty of nature from around the world.  No matter where you are, if you are on a beach in the south of France, or in the treasures of the Latin American coasts, on a paradisiacal beach in Indonesia, we have the perfect bikini to create unforgettable experiences together.
Signature Prints
Our print collections are part of our specialty, we combine extraordinary elements of the world and experiences to create a textile with a unique history and full of inspiration for you. Most of our prints are first hand drawn by great and talented costarican artisans and then a group of designers mix the elements to create a piece with a unique magical charm.

We know that there are basic pieces that never go out of style and that we will always need , that is why we have created our Luxe basics line, with high quality materials.

Our Company 
Our company aims to help and provide fair and favorable working conditions, so we work with many women; women who are heads of household, mothers, people at social risk, fighters and workers with great talent and for that we want to thank you because every time you buy any MAKALO product you are helping us generate employment opportunities for all the people involved in our processes .

Mission statement
Our mission is to create iconic pieces that make you feel confident in your own skin and your own natural beauty.