Our personal stylist can help find the perfect bikini.


Meet our Fit consultation Service

Time: 15 min

We'll give you a call or email you a link to a video call

Tell us your needs and we'll provide recommendations to help you find the perfect suit!


Help with sizes?

Not sure about the sizing? We are experts pairing from petites to extra lovely volume bodies.

Color Pallette

Take a closer look at our color palette.We are sure that you will look incredible with all the colors, but we will help you choose that color that will make you shine.


We will recommend a style according to your destination or activity. We are always looking for our next stop, so we will know how to help you.

Custom your bikini

Do you need help choosing the styles and colors? Let´s create pieces together! We will take your order personally and we will guide you through the process.


Todos los productos en SALE son venta final y no tienen cambios ni devoluciones.

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